A brief introduction about circular arc gear transmission and its characteristics

by:Uliflex     2020-11-26
Small convex tooth homework of synchronous belt gear tooth profile in the pitch circle, the tooth profile of the center of the circle in the pitch circle above; Large concave tooth operation of synchronous belt gear tooth profile in the pitch circle, the tooth profile of the center of the circle are slightly outside the pitch circle. Because of large synchronous belt gear tooth profile of circular arc radius of p2 is slightly greater than the radius of the small gear tooth profile p1, so when 2 tooth profile to K position, it is the common normal after node c, tooth will touch, circle will immediately separate, but and its adjacent another one end face of the tooth profile will touch, is 2 tooth K1 '1, K2, K, K, K3, K 2' 3 & hellip; … Various points along the line of action in accordance with the order to touch. So, any a circular arc gear end face concave, convex profile above will be used for instantaneous meshing. 1 on the new circular arc gear is the instantaneous mesh point, so in theory sense of circular arc gear transmission is also often called arc point meshing gear transmission. Tooth after the break-in, in fact, the tooth profile can be generated along the depth of tooth longer 1 section of the line of contact. Circular arc gear synchronous belt transmission characteristics as follows: 1, compared with the involute gear transmission, comprehensive curvature radius larger, it compared the contact strength of involute gear transmission zero on it will be great. 5 to 1. ; 2, 2, 5 times along the gear tooth meshing line in the direction of rolling speed is very big, easy to produce the oil film between tooth surfaces, transmission efficiency is relatively large, can often to 0. 99 to 0. 995; 3, circular arc gear wear along the depth direction of symmetry, and easy to running-in; 4, circular-arc gear without the root cutting, so the minimum number of teeth can be less. But circular arc gear on the depth of center distance, teeth and helical Angle error of perceived sexual error is very large, the three interference with carrying capacity is big, so the circular arc gear relative to the requirement of precision manufacturing and fittings will be more. In addition to these, the single circular-arc gear tooth bending strength of the same modulus is small; cutting large and small gear to use 2 different hob.
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