Analysis of the characteristics of rubber timing

by:Uliflex     2020-06-05
The plasticizer of rubber timing belt is usually a kind of compound with lower molecular weight. After adding rubber, it can reduce the force between the rubber molecular chains, so that the powdery compounding agent can infiltrate well with the raw rubber, thereby improving the mixing. The process makes the mixing agent evenly dispersed, the mixing time is shortened, the energy consumption is low, and the heat generation phenomenon during the mixing process can be reduced. At the same time, it can increase the plasticity, fluidity and adhesion of the rubber compound, which is convenient for calendering and extrusion And molding and other process operations, the plasticizing system of rubber can also improve some physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber, such as reducing the hardness and fixed tensile stress of vulcanized rubber, giving vulcanized rubber higher elasticity and lower heat generation, and improving its Cold resistance, in addition, because the price of some plasticizers is generally low, and it is filled in some rubbers, it can be used as a compatibilizer. From this point of view, the plasticization system of rubber in rubber The processing process is also an extremely important part; Rubber timing belt plasticizers used to be divided into softeners and plasticizers according to different application areas. Softeners are mostly derived from natural materials and are often used in non-polar rubbers, such as third-line oil and sixth-line oil in the petroleum system. , Vaseline, etc., plant pine tar, rosin, etc., plasticizers are mostly synthetic products, mainly used in certain polar synthetic rubber or plastics, such as ester plasticizers dioctyl phthalate, o-benzene Dibutyl dicarboxylate, etc., that is to say that most of the softeners used to be called non-polar substances, mostly called plasticizers are polar substances, but the current two names are often collectively called plasticizers, but Many people are still used to calling softeners; In addition, in terms of the thermal stability of rubber timing belts: In recent years, with the development of technology, some harsh requirements have been put on the durability temperature of certain rubber products. For example, high temperature resistant rubber timing belts can be long-term in the environment of more than two Baidu The temperature resistance of rubber depends not only on its oxidation resistance, but also on its thermal stability. The so-called thermal stability refers to the ability of rubber to resist high temperature degradation;
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