As polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, we usually send by express

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
What is fastest delivery? I think we would have thought that the first time the motion. But as polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, we wish to discuss with you about the logistics of those things, why is it fast? We send the Courier haven't heard why feeling? Why haven't to, to find a manufacturer to ask. In fact, since our online business, some problems about the logistics is around us, such as customer order is indicating or did not indicate the relevant information, the result is a super rush order. That a few days also coincided with the peak, logistics display goods in humen bridge for a day, at the same time clients also very anxious, constantly urged us. This time Uliflex as polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturers couldn't immediately rushed to the humen bridge, tear open the tin of logistics vehicles rushed to the customer's destination, but think about all of this can be to make a determined effort. Has insisted that the express customers is our company's employees, call and complain to the Uliflex why he was sent by one afternoon haven't arrived, the customer service said sometimes is really very tired but also with difficulty to the customer account Courier and is not an employee of Uliflex industrial belt. You rush to the businessman logistics really works? Delivery as stated earlier, one can do is after you place the order as soon as possible to the customer delivery, but as long as the goods to the Courier hands, then the process of the seller is really helpless. Customers can see what kind of logistics information, one can see the same information, but it is not entirely no matter. As polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, the product weight on Uliflex determines not as ordinary express for transportation and distribution, at the same time we also chose a relatively unpopular and gravels express and total logistics as the main way of delivery.
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