Belt conveyor industry development present situation analysis

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Belt conveyor, high temperature teflon conveyor belt, deep processing industry of agricultural products in China for special industrial belt conveyor mesh belt not only wanting number, stainless steel mesh belt and value of science and technology level and performance, quality more. It's for the conveyor mesh belt industry point out the way of development. Plastic housings is food in the belt conveyor machinery transmission indispensable important component parts, during the production transportation operations can improve the transmission efficiency of conveying equipment, which have the effect of reducing energy consumption. Bearing in our country in the process of the development of modern science and technology, in order to make better improve the bearing capacity, bearing on the performance of the bearing and material, have been relatively excellent innovation, and adopt the engineering plastics to make bearing seat. Tested, plastic housings than ordinary steel bearing rigidity and hardness is strong, so has been applied in different food conveyor belt conveyor production industry. Accessories to meet the needs of variable belt conveyor belt conveyor accessories of low power consumption. Due to material and conveyor belt almost no relative movement, not only make little resistance during operation, and wear and breakage to the cargo are small, productivity high. These are conducive to reduce the production cost. Parts of belt conveyor transmission line adaptable and flexible. Line length according to need. Short a few meters, up to more than 10 km. Can be installed in a small tunnel, can also be set up in the sky of the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas. According to the requirements of process flow, the belt conveyor accessories can very flexibly by material from one or more points. Can also turn to more or segments discharge. When feeding on a few points to the conveyor belt at the same time, Such as the coal preparation plant of coal under the conveyor accessories) Or along the length of belt conveyor accessories in direction of a bit by uniform feeding equipment to transport brings, belt conveyor accessories has become a major transport corridors. Belt conveyor accessories can be found in coal yard under the pile of the lane take material, when need, still can put the pile of different materials. Materials can be simply from discharge conveyor accessories of the head, also can move through the plough tripper or discharging car in the direction of the conveyor belt length of discharge. According to the conveying process requirements, can be a single delivery, can also be more than one component or with other conveying equipment to form horizontal or inclined conveyor system, in order to satisfy different arrangement type of line. Food plastic and the current situation of the development of the bearing belt conveyer belt conveying machinery of the traditional plastic bearing based on single engineering plastic material. In recent years, the need to adapt to a wide range of applications, especially in food, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries to the production environment, equipment reliability, the requirement of increasing the work efficiency, all kinds of composite plastic housings are playing a more and more important role. Plastic housings by adding composite fiber packing, can achieve high pressure resistance, heat resistance and creep resistance of composite fiber itself but also has good friction performance; Join solid lubricating grease, combining the selected composite materials and composite fiber, helps to reduce friction. Plastic housings have excellent tribological properties, has high precision, low thermal expansion rate, bibulous rate is low, high compressive stress, high creep resistance, etc. Plastic and the material of the bearing, as a new kind of polymer material, small friction coefficient, from the perspective of the loss properties of wear resistance, the production of plastic bearing material than the material such as ordinary carbon steel bearing is more wear-resisting, and it also has the characteristics of self lubricating. Self lubrication conditions is intermolecular cohesive force is smaller, the atoms are arranged symmetrically in the molecular structure, and lubrication performance and lubrication conditions. Plastic and the surface of the bearing strength is quite high and very smooth, basically there will be no tension, good self-lubricating properties and low friction coefficient, in keeping the plastic housings, on the basis of traditional advantage, can be applied in the production operation more accurate or is in the high speed running of transportation operations. Plastic housings can be containing alkaline material in the working environment, good effect, but it doesn't fit in with the acid corrosion environments running jobs. Plastic and the rigidity of the bearing, high hardness, even at relatively low temperature in the working environment, the resistance to impact strength is relatively high.
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