Belt conveyor roller with welded steel pipe industry in China

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Under the onslaught of the world financial crisis, the various countries' economic contraction that international belt conveyor idlers with welded steel pipe market downturn. European industrial production lead to a big drop in weak demand for machinery and industrial welded steel pipe, prices decline under huge pressure; Belt conveyor idlers with welded steel pipe hasn't been spared. The belt conveyor idlers with welded steel tube stock is too big, and affected by the economic downturn, the demand is still falling, shutdown time is extended production equipment, sales profits, market is still no significant improvement. At present, the belt conveyor idlers with welded steel pipe users use inventory to stop stock as far as possible. Some factories because of the high cost of production reduced ordinary belt conveyor idlers with welded steel pipe production, only keep the production of high value-added high-end quality products. The demand response and clear cut end time is unclear. Belt conveyor roller is the floorboard of the roller includes a variety of groove type parallel roller roller buffer roller and other specifications from 89 to 219, according to different models selection and installation of belt conveyor at present including iron roller ceramic roller rubber roller belt conveyor is one of the most convenient parts usage, maintenance.
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