【 Belt 】 Loading and unloading also step by step! !

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
【 Belt 】 Loading and unloading also step by step! ! Loading and unloading belt: before installation must first check the driving wheel and driven wheel and whether tension wheel on a plane. Generally speaking, the two pulley allowable deviation when the center distance of less than 1 m to 2 - 3 mm, center distance is greater than the allowable deviation of 3-1 meter 4 mm. If the deviation is too big, should be adjusted to meet the requirements for installation and after tension. Loading and unloading shall, first of all, when will you release tension wheel, one end or the CVT roulette unloaded first, then install or uninstall the belt. When the new triangle is too tight to load and unload, should remove a pulley, on or after unload triangle, then the pulley is installed, not hard. After general transmitte V belt should be unloaded belt wheel loading and unloading.
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