【 Belt 】 Send you 'happy'

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
【 Belt 】 Send you 'happy' belt cover is set up around a belt through the shield. Zui commonly used is belt transit point airtight device. When the chute high-speed material drop, with a lot of air into the lower part of airtight cover, makes the pressure inside the cover. At the same time when landing on the belt material, splash will occur. Outlet in order to prevent dust from outside, you need to set up at the bottom of the belt on the airtight cover, the need is greater than the material induced air exhaust air volume. In order to avoid the large amount of material suction dust removal system, ventilation system should be located in material splash zone, air outlet of the wind speed is unfavorable and exorbitant. Powerful layer is the skeleton of the V belt, the main species have polyester cord, polyester steel brown wire, aramid cord and dipped tire cord fabric, is used to withstand the V belt in the process of operation such as tensile stress produced by, is the main force in the process of triangle belt transmission parts.
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