Equipment noise? Teng ying to teach you how to control from the source noise when polyurethane synchronous belt drive

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
With the development of science and technology, the advancement of mechanization, a growing number of machinery equipment is applied to all walks of life all kinds of production, machinery in operation, which makes a noise, and is one of the sources of environmental noise, then. Control of mechanical transmission, the noise is called production machinery and equipment and technical personnel of one of the topics. Uliflex as polyurethane synchronous belt of professional manufacturers, summed up experience for many years these control polyurethane synchronous belt transmission noise from the sound source of methods: one, control the manufacturing precision of polyurethane synchronous belt and pulley synchronous belt and pulley manufacturing precision is higher, the meshing impact is small; And the higher the accuracy of synchronous belt transmission, lower noise inevitably. Second, the two wheel shaft of parallelism in general, with the increase of the parallelism error of two pulleys, will be followed by a gradual increase in sound pressure level. So, spindle axis and axis motor installation to ensure that the installation of parallelism. Three, two wheel shaft rotation accuracy for high speed rotary as two pulleys, dynamic balance, if not into the high-speed rotary unbalanced centrifugal force will cause the vibration of spindle and motor shaft, and then unleash the strong noise. Four, synchronous belt tensioning force of synchronous belt and flat belt, with different v, when the synchronous belt on tooth meshing to transmit power, so don't need a lot of prestressing tension, on the contrary, excessive tension will seriously affect the service life of the belt, and cause a serious noise. In modern mechanical equipment, mechanical noise has become one of the important standards of evaluation of equipment, drive your equipment will make a big noise? Check whether there is more than these reasons, to deal with the rest, quickly nip noise in the cradle, the production workshop with a piece of 'static'! ! ! !
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