Flat belt manufacturers: belt indicates a conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Industrial belts are essentially used as a drive, but recently a client with a problem to come to consult Uliflex flat belt manufacturers: you this belt is not a conveyor belt, I took and used as a transfer function. After the reply from the engineer is not recommended, so customers also sent a temper. We do not comment first whether can use, used for conveying direction small make up take you first know about the difference between the two belts. In Uliflex flat belt and the manufacturer's website, alibaba shops, we can very clearly see the high strength flat transmission belt, conveyor belt products we supply only teflon conveyor belt, flat belt in the corresponding is part of the production equipment used roller transmission industry. Rubber surface can make this kind of no tooth belt and roller friction work efficient, so as to achieve the aim of transmission, in other words, flat belt inside the machine is used, usually on the external structure in general is not easy to see. High strength of the belt body is more suitable for high speed ratio transmission scenario, also is not in use with transport to use, unless the machine itself is such a design. Why not recommended for delivery? Although industrial rubber belt body composed of enough wear-resisting, but in the face of the rubber surface have scattered, sharp metal still exists when destroyed. And because of the large transmission ratio, is used as the delivery is not appropriate. Eventually Uliflex flat belt manufacturer to the customer offers a different PVC conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is composed of multilayer polymer, compatibility allows it to apply to more severe conditions. Uliflex as flat belt manufacturer in recommending belt product, more is follow the principle of the right is such a good product, more information please contact customer service.
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