How can better realize the synchronous belt wheel noise reduction?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
In real life, the source of the noise is very widely, including the vehicles on the road, also including the noisy crowd, including in the field of industrial machinery production is the main source of noise. For many people who engaged in machine tool production, need to face these depressing noise every day, this is very painful, the body also is very bad for them. So how to effectively reduce the noise problem confronted by people need. Take the application of synchronous belt wheel, the noise is more, so how to effectively solve? Analysis, noise produced by the application of this equipment is mainly due to the shape itself and the actual results there is a discrepancy, pulley, therefore, cannot achieve good fit, that the noise. Therefore, to solve this problem must be through high precision pulleys and the choice of the synchronous belt wheel. , of course, is the main reason of the noise due to the air route of transmission, the solution is relatively effective, mainly through the synchronous belt wheel and belt width between reasonable adjustments, make its maintain a reasonable proportion. In fact, solve the problem of the noise of the synchronous belt wheel than most people think that difficult, as long as grasp the key of the problem becomes easy.
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