HTD synchronous belt allows you to experience the first time the new technology

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel are two closely related equipment, the innovation of synchronous belt will drive the upgrading of the synchronous belt wheel. With the continuous development of synchronous transmission industry, every year there are new technology research and development and promotion. This year to introduce a new type of synchronous belt HTD synchronous belt. HTD synchronous belt is a new kind of drive system, it can easily take the bag of the old transmission equipment. HTD synchronous belt adopts composite rubber band, compared with the existing synchronous belt, the more quiet, clean, easy to maintain, and its superior transmission performance by the use of higher torque and torque at low speed. HTD synchronous belt using synthetic rubber material, on the one hand, give full play to the basic characteristics and advantages of rubber material, compound and then can avoid the disadvantages of some rubber material. Much of the performance of the rubber material play to the largest. In addition, the tensile strength, flexural strength and so on makes the device in today's efficient motor transmission efficiency reached 98%. Below to understand the characteristic of HTD synchronous belt. ( 1) Power capacity compared with the general synchronous belt increase more than 30% ( 2) With sound equipment and related operations. ( 3) More excellent flex fatigue strength is high, the sustainable use, safe and reliable. ( 4) Able to withstand higher temperatures and cooling capacity. ( 5) Behind the idling performance is good, easy to switch out of sprocket, reducing downtime. ( 6) In the case of high torque and low speed can also apply. Under the above features, I believe that we have no excuse for not choose HTD synchronous belt. The preparation of entrepreneurship and the ready to replace equipment can consider to choose HTD synchronous belt. New technology should be the first time experience, early with early to make a profit.
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