【 Import synchronous belt 】 The use of 'protect' only better! !

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
【 Import synchronous belt 】 The use of 'protect' only better! ! Imports of synchronous belt ( Aluminum synchronous belt wheel) Transmission has the advantages of: synchronous belt transmission can mitigate impact load; Synchronous belt transmission smooth operation, low noise, low vibration; The structure of pulley drive is simple, easy to adjust; Synchronous belt wheel transmission for the manufacturing and installation precision of pulley unlike meshing transmission strictly; Synchronous belt wheel transmission has the function of overload protection; Synchronous belt wheel transmission center distance of two axis adjusting range is larger. Faults are: synchronous belt transmission pulley drive elastic sliding and sliding, transmission efficiency is low and can't maintain accurate transmission ratio; Synchronous belt wheel drive transmission of the same size of circumferential force, outline dimensions and axis pressure is greater than meshing transmission; Synchronous belt wheel drive belt live shorter lives.
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