In the application of polyurethane synchronous belt, these questions have you noticed?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
When you for polyurethane synchronous belt transmission performance is good, stable 'smug', maybe your synchronous belt or gear is undergoing 'status', in the practical application of synchronous belt in whether you have noticed that these questions: one, the synchronous belt more than use what we know that the life of a high performance will have a term of use, can use increases with time using the state will gradually decline, so, if we use polyurethane synchronous belt pulley over the service life and may need to be done timely replacement, because there have been aging synchronous belt wheel, tooth profile shape have changed, which can cause tooth tooth can't normal in engagement with pulleys, will affect the normal operation of the machine. Second, the synchronous belt wheel insufficient stiffness of the material of belt pulley, tooth surface hardness, etc. , for the normal operation of the transmission structure has an important impact, we need to choose appropriate stiffness, the formal belt pulley. Three, the abnormal no transmission device in a timely manner to exclude when transmission mechanism is abnormal, need timely eliminate abnormal situation, installed on the synchronous belt wheel and when polyurethane synchronous belt, also want to be in the correct way and method for installation, the installation details you can refer to Uliflex industrial belt company polyurethane synchronous belt installation note matters related articles, also can consult Uliflex customer service online. To understand the above considerations, do you have a few things to harvest? If you have, Uliflex you will feel very happy; If not, Uliflex jun will continue to work hard, strive for next time to give you a higher quality of the article. If you still have what doubt about industrial belt, welcome message to consultant!
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