Introduction of Vulcanization Frequency of Imported V-belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-05
There are many specifications of imported triangle belts, small ones, which are fixed by molds, pressurized, heated and kept in a vulcanization tank for a certain vulcanization time to complete. For large triangle belts, due to the large size and high mold cost, a lithographic vulcanizing machine is generally used for section vulcanization. At the same time, 6-8 imported V-belts are vulcanized. After one stage of vulcanization is completed, turn the V-belts to the next stage. Repeat 5-10 times to vulcanize the entire V-belt. In order to better meet the quality requirements, the process requires two passes of vulcanization, namely primary vulcanization and secondary vulcanization. The two curing times are different. The monitoring system requires that the vulcanization time of all vulcanizers and vulcanization tanks can be set, and the real-time vulcanization time can be observed in real time. Prompt signal is sent when vulcanization is reached. There is an alarm output for equipment whose curing time is less than or exceeds a certain time. Save the set value and actual time value of each vulcanization, which is convenient for quality tracking.
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