Knowledge of the composition and classification

by:Uliflex     2020-06-16
The rubber material of PVC conveyor belt is polyvinyl chloride, which is composed of polyester fiber cloth and polyvinyl chloride rubber. Its working temperature is generally -10 ° to + 80 °, and its joint mode is generally an international toothed joint. It has good lateral stability and is suitable for transmission in various complex environments. 1. According to industry classification, PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into tobacco industry conveyor belts, logistics industry conveyor belts, packaging industry conveyor belts, printing industry conveyor belts, food industry conveyor belts, wood industry conveyor belts, food processing industry conveyor belts , Conveyor belt for entertainment industry, conveyor belt for aquatic industry, conveyor belt for stone industry, etc. 2. According to the performance classification, it can be divided into: mild climbing conveyor belt, high climbing conveyor belt, lifting conveyor belt with baffle, vertical elevator belt, non-slip conveyor belt, sander conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, Conveyor belt for heavier items, conveyor belt for lighter items, guided anti-deviation conveyor belt, perforated suction conveyor belt (suction fan belt), conveyor belt with rake, spiral lifting conveyor belt, turning lifting conveyor belt, extra wide items Conveyor belt, sponge conveyor belt, digging conveyor belt, plus block conveyor belt, edge conveyor belt, groove conveyor belt, knife edge conveyor belt, etc. Third, according to the product thickness and color research and development, it can be divided into different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, dark blue green, transparent), thickness products, thickness from 0.8MM to 11.5MM Production production. 4. According to the research and development of product patterns, it can be divided into lawn patterns, fishbone patterns, diamond lattice patterns, cross patterns, mesh patterns, inverted triangle patterns, horseshoe patterns, zigzag patterns, small dot patterns, diamond patterns, snakeskin patterns , Cloth pattern, large round table pattern, wave pattern, washboard pattern, straight pattern, thin straight pattern, golf pattern, large checkered pattern, matte pattern, rough texture pattern, lattice pattern, etc.
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