Many woven belt has the advantages of big collection

by:Uliflex     2020-11-26
In all kinds of synchronous belt transmission, we know more on the knowledge of woven belt is not a lot, so the more woven belt and it has the advantages of the characteristics of the understanding also is not much more special, so in this article, we will give a simple helps in the understanding of the advantages for the existence of many woven belt and its features. Superiority in many woven belt, we can take such words: that much is woven belt is a combination of the advantages of the characteristics of the V belt and conveyor belt at a suit, it not only has a belt of the characteristics of the soft and strong toughness, simultaneously has the V belt close work and high efficiency etc advantages. How is woven with the main characteristics of the summary is as follows: 1, transmission power is larger, space, its 30% larger than general v-belt transmission power; 2, the transmission system structure is closely work, under the condition of the same transmission power, the space occupied by the relay setting 25% smaller than the average V belt; 3, comparison of thin belt body, with softness, satisfy the small diameter of pulley drive, suitable for rapid transmission at the same time, the belt speed to 40 m/s; Small vibration, which produce less heat and stable operation. 4, heat-resistant, corrosion resistance, anti-wear, use small elongation, use period. Cutting base created a series of this type V belt to construct appropriate tooth shape, let drive set can use more small outer diameter of pulley, thus more improved the thermal and flexible resistance of V belt. It also owns exact length, small elongation, the characteristics of the synchronous belt is obviously improved compared to life in general V, for mechanical transmission industry upgrading the best goods. In order to ensure the cutting type V belt with good quality goods, its main raw materials are imported from abroad leading professional manufacturing company fixed-point procurement, goods all technical requirements are in accordance with the international, national and overseas advanced standard. Commodity quality close to the same goods abroad.
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