No more for how to install polyurethane synchronous belt, teng ying give you share the 'dry'

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
We all know that the correct installation of polyurethane synchronous belt is very important, for the user did not install belt, may for the problem of how to install polyurethane synchronous belt is very upset. So, how do we fight for the installation of the polyurethane synchronous belt? Below is about synchronous belt Uliflex give people the correct installation steps and methods: a, power supply, discharge protection, turn off the power supply, and handling the shield, and then unscrew the motor mounting bolts. Mobile motor synchronous belt enough slack, in this way, belt, banned the tools with very high stiffness or other tool to pry the belt. After we remove the old belt, should check the old belt to see if there is abnormal wear and tear. If old belt appear abnormal situation such as excessive wear, it means that the design of the transmission device or there may be a problem on the maintenance, this requests us in time for inspection and maintenance, prevent excessive wear, and so on and so forth. Polyurethane ( PU) Synchronous belt, belt and pulley for correct cleaning to clean of polyurethane synchronous belt and pulley, try with dishcloth with less volatile liquid; Soak in the detergent or use cleaner scrub belt; After remove grease and dirt, and do not use sandpaper to clean or sharp objects scraped; More important is polyurethane synchronous belt to keep dry before install and use. Polyurethane ( PU) Synchronous belt, check whether other assembly components work to check the rest of the transmission parts, such as whether the bearing or the shaft sleeve is symmetrical, durable hydraulic and lubrication condition and so on. Tighten the transmission center distance, until appropriate synchronous belt tension. Manually turn laps driving wheel, with inflation force measuring instrument measuring tension, if the tension is not within the normal range, adjust again. Is need to pay special attention to the transmission device to operate any changes when the center distance will lead to synchronous belt running performance is bad, we before running machine to make sure that all components of the transmission device has been tightened. For the correct installation of polyurethane synchronous belt correct installation steps you still have what doubt? Or you have opinions and Suggestions for Uliflex industrial belt, can leave a message to Uliflex, we study together, make progress together.
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