Oil resistance and heat resistance of imported

by:Uliflex     2020-05-30
The oil resistance and heat resistance characteristics of imported triangle belts (described as O & HR on the belt) are the traditional application requirements for oil resistance and heat resistance of the belt. Although they are defined in the RMA scale, this description is ambiguous. Yes, oil resistance and heat resistance are actually two different requirements for belts, and should be distinguished. Oil resistance: Occasional oil or grease splashing on the belt will not cause too much luck for all the belts. However, as long as the oil or grease functions in a fair range, the oil-resistant belt will not deteriorate quickly. A large number of triangle belts The oil or grease on any belt can cause the belt to slip and generate heat. Excessive oil contamination of the petroleum products will cause the expansion of the rubber and the viscous fall of the rubber member, thereby causing the belt to break. Heat resistance: Any scale does not well define the temperature limit range to ensure satisfactory performance. However, a matching application belt is generally said to have a temperature between -35 ° C and + 60 ° C. The raw materials and layout of the belt determine the relative category of heat resistance and the black and white at all times, which is implied by good and very good in the following table.
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