On the installation of the synchronous belt to ensure that the axis of two pulleys to achieve a high degree of parallelism

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
In view of the synchronous belt such parts, installation effect on table has great influence, even has a decisive role. So to remind everyone to do a good job on the basis of the components of choose and buy, also want to pay attention to install the parts work well, ensure good installation effect, especially to ensure compliance with all installation requirements. Specific synchronous belt in installation work, if you want, well is more matters need attention. Like to remind everybody to pay attention to in the design of belt wheel, had better choose the structure of the two shafts can be closer to each other, if the structure does not allow, is the best fit with synchronous belt and pulley to the corresponding axis. There are very important, the quantity is needed to ensure the belt wheel axis with a high degree of parallelism, for the optimization of parts installation effect and the transmission of the structure of the operation of use is a very positive role. Because in synchronous belt transmission, the two pulley axis parallelism requirements are relatively high, otherwise the parts in the work can be induced in running deviation, even jump out of the pulley. And parallel to the axis of not far will cause uneven stress, is one of the leading causes of toothed early wear, in order to avoid these adverse conditions, optimize the use of components and the whole transmission structure operation, everyone should pay attention to ensure the belt wheel axis to a high degree of parallelism.
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