【 Polyurethane synchronous belt 】 When the transmission is how to ensure the stability of the transmission effect of

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Polyurethane synchronous belt transmission when the effect is very important for the stable for products quality. Synchronous belt production stable transmission effect can effectively play in the production of product performance, production process to ensure the stability of the support effect, achieve the performance of the complete support, downward to avoid the product quality. However, under the influence of different external factors, polyurethane synchronous belt transmission of instability will still happen, so we're going to how to ensure the stability of the synchronous belt production transmission effect? Today let's together to discuss this problem. Uliflex industrial belt understand, before the deployment and use of polyurethane synchronous belt, the polyurethane synchronous we need to use with fully understanding, in order to avoid because of the improper selection of transmission of unstable phenomenon; The right choice for synchronous belt, to ensure stable operation and using effect, forming a good effective control support. In the drive gear, transmission parts and other belt supplement each other, constitute a complete transmission mechanism. So we are in the right to choose the appropriate under the premise of polyurethane synchronous belt, also need to ensure that the performance of the stability of the other components, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, we need to do the following work: 1, check whether pulley and abnormal wear or crack, if you have these cases you must replace the pulley. 2, check whether the pulley is in a straight line is symmetrical, it is very important to polyurethane synchronous belt running. 3, check the rest of the drive system components, such as bearings, bushings, durability and lubrication situation of symmetry. 4, install the new polyurethane synchronous belt on the pulley, can't pry or too hard. 5, adjust the belt tension wheel, until proper tension. 6, tighten the motor mounting bolts, the corrective torque and make sure all transmission parts have been tightened. Finish the above work, finally, we need to start the device and observe the belt running situation, check whether the normal and stable work. If not found the problem, so congratulations you, you of the polyurethane synchronous belt transmission mechanism has been correctly installed.
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