【 Rubber synchronous belt 】 The maintenance of the installation considerations

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
When we install rubber synchronous belt, improper installation, if the belt of belt damage that will shorten the life of the belt at the same time, also will affect the normal operation of the machinery and equipment, which affect our production efficiency of the products and even affect the quality of manufactured products, rubber synchronous belt improper installation will cause so many negative effects, so we in the maintenance of installing rubber synchronous belt must pay attention to some what? Here are from guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt one by one to tell you: the first point, rubber synchronous belt in it is strictly prohibited in the twists and turns, otherwise it will cause tensile fracture, and cannot be synchronized with abnormal bending state stored for a long time. Synchronous belt should avoid stored in a dry, avoid direct sunlight, less than 15 degrees below zero. The second point, installing a synchronous belt must shorten the center distance, relax the tension wheel at the same time, prohibit forced the rubber synchronous belt of synchronous belt wheel rim pull by pulling the mill load; Is simply to ban violent installation, you remember that also can be avoided. The third point, rubber synchronous belt pulley teeth must be at right angles to the belt running direction, and the driving wheel and driven wheel spindle parallelism should be controlled in tangent tg = 1/1000. Shaft is not allowed, will directly affect the service life of the synchronous belt. Fourth, we found on the driving wheel rubber synchronous belt in partial pull to one side, we should move driven wheel to adjust, and adjust the pressure of tension wheel. Fifth, if at the time of starting, appear the center distance, the relaxation, jumping phenomenon of tooth synchronous belt, then we should check whether the pulley frame is loose, the positioning of the shaft has loses; If so, we need to adjust, reinforcement. Uliflex army jun today to everyone at this point, if you want to learn more about rubber synchronous belt maintenance installation considerations, welcome consulting Uliflex industrial belt, free hotline: 400 - 877 - 9231
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