Shearing synchronous belt with normal sync with different steel core and performance better

by:Uliflex     2020-11-26
Lateral deflection of the synchronous belt business successfully applied to many business belt decided to create a kind of new fiber synchronous belt, the synchronous belt on the destructive power resistance can be compared and lateral deflection of the synchronous belt, and implement and retain the fiber characteristics of synchronous belt, such as: lightweight, easy to pack and even coupling, flexibility, affordable, large reserves. The shear resistance of the synchronous belt structure and composite epoxy resin synchronous belt is the same as the standard, only on the top layers of rubber synchronous belt increased lateral wire, through the obstacles to affect the fragile synchronous belt main body has the protection function. Because the horizontal wire is elastic, let shearing synchronous belt have as big as ordinary fiber synchronous belt flexibility; Namely: shearing synchronous belt looks similar to ordinary epoxy resin synchronous belt, has but it is different from ordinary synchronous belt steel heart better. Promote the quality of the goods is in order to increase the use of synchronous belt deadline, but the interference of the synchronous belt of three kinds of factors in any class will make on raising the quality of the goods can not get a good return on investment. Because the first batch of onshore steel heart synchronous belt of fittings apply, this issue is becoming increasingly highlighted. High cost but can't realize the cutting resistance and impact resistance of high performance, so has the need to develop another a kind of system can handle sudden accident, equipment on loading point magnetic separator can be a good treatment method. However, the fact has proved that this solved the problem of the small only, such as: at the time of routine maintenance and repair, metal tool is left on the synchronous belt or due to carelessness will be on top, it will be like a razor cut synchronous belt.
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