【 Synchronous belt. According to the characteristics of the other drive

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt is a kind of transmission device, in a lot of machinery and equipment are in this way, it is applied to the drive of many devices, the main reason is that it can achieve good transmission effect, and combined with the advantages of the other transmission device in transmission. Described in the synchronous belt is a combination of the advantages of the other transmission device, because it has equally spaced by the inner periphery surface with corresponding tooth ring belt and wheel, with the aid of the institutions and the working principle of application, combination of belt transmission, chain and gear drive their respective advantages. Using synchronous belt turns, power by tooth and tooth meshing transmission, drive needs to be very accurate transmission ratio, no sliding, can get constant speed ratio, the transmission effect is very stable, can absorb vibration, reduce noise, gear ratio range is very large. As you can see, synchronous belt really combines the advantages of other drive, use of these advantages, it can show a good drive in using effect, thus have xiao to optimize the operation of the equipment, make its have been applied in a lot of mechanical equipment and has a very wide range of applications in terms of transmission.
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