Synchronous belt manufacturer for you to solve the problem of synchronous belt failure

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
As we know, the synchronous belt is the main failure reasons of synchronous belt itself quality problem, the manufacturing precision of transmission mechanism and the rationality of the structure, no maintenance good, so, how to solve these problems? The synchronous belt manufacturer to detailed answer for you. 1, error control, firstly, control the benchmark fast roll shaft line and the body plane perpendicularity error control in a reasonable and high precision. Specifically: all relevant parts to strict control in the design and production to ensure that the total error accumulation is not poor. Secondly, control tensioning wheel shaft and fast roller line parallelism error, the above method, is no longer here. 2, use control to strengthen personnel's technical training, as much as possible, reduce its maintenance operation caused by the axis is not parallel, for example: when maintenance assembly to ensure the fast roll and slow roll parallel, three rounds of coplanar can slow the failure rate of synchronous belt. Therefore, strengthen flour mill maintenance and operating personnel training, improve the technical quality, is an indispensable means to ease the synchronous belt failure.
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