Synchronous belt - — Strong ability to resist wear and tear

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Open the PU synchronous belt transmission reliable and dimensional stability. The production process on the tooth surface and tooth domain back to add a layer of nylon in order to make sure the particularity in special applications running the same, but also on the back of the belt thickening layer of polyurethane to prevent corrosion or high load. Import synchronous belt made of thermoplastic polyurethane materials, has a high ability to wear, all kinds of steel wire core to ensure it remains a good sport in the transmission capacity, small production tolerances. Yet synchronous belt wheel is not used on the bike, not to say that the synchronous belt wheel is useless, but the bike features make synchronous belt wheel can not be used on the bike, but higher ji points instead of walking tool, such as cars, and reduce the vibration of synchronous belt wheel running low noise characteristics, suitable for use in the car, also used in chemical fiber, textile machinery, tobacco machinery, paper making, printing machinery, chemical industry, light industry, food, food, machinery, mining, metallurgy, iron and steel, machinery, office equipment, medical equipment, communications equipment, and various fine, fine mi mi machine equipment, etc. Don't see it is just a part of so many machines, if the lack of it, such as plastic crusher don't say the crushing plastics, machinery will even work all can't do it, even in a nutshell, synchronous belt wheel is an important component and is widely used in used for transmission purposes.
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