Synchronous belt to develop in the direction of professional standardized commodities, pulley processing gradually formed scale production

by:Uliflex     2020-11-26
Strengthen the mian control. Adopting new material, new structure, strict technical management. Reduce consumption, to reduce the capital, the product design and production based on a more scientific and reasonable, gradually realize the upgrading of products, for more products into the international market. Form a complete set with v belt mainly will be cutting type stored packages basic used to repair replace cloth type v belt. Variety structure will still to develop in the direction of more varieties and series. Nylon film base belt, wedge belt and synchronous belt of high transmission efficiency and energy-saving with belt scale will continue to rise. And the service life of the ordinary v-belt reached 2. 50000 hours. Auto v-belt life the same as the overhaul life, the service life of the product. All kinds of belt products should be introduced into dynamic fatigue test of the test items. Which is 180000 km; Agricultural machinery service life of V belt to delete 1 hours. Cheese cord will all localization v belt, transmission belt skeleton materials continue to gather the direction of the cheese, lightweight development. Belt with chemical fiber cord of the specifications of the series will be enriched and standardization. Cotton canvas. Imported or domestic development cord production equipment and the software enterprises should make the quality reached the level of similar foreign products, the quality, specification and quantity are completed for belt form a complete set of production enterprises. Value for the emerging electronic industry, light industry machinery, agricultural support. Emptiness and expanding the scope of the specifications series, pay attention to develop narrow v belt, with the economic benefits of scale transmitte v belt, synchronous belt, belt, wedge belt cutting edges. Gradually form a complete series of belt and pulley products. The 'three wastes' ( Dust and harmful gas and high-temperature service) Control and maintain the environment as the important content of technical transformation. The green environment, clean sanitation, and civilized production as raw materials for the factory building, product design, and the choice of process equipment. To strengthen environmental protection. Take the necessary measures, and coordinate related departments. To crack down on fake and inferior products, supporting the brand enterprise, make the belt and pulley production on the road of healthy development. Belt transmission industry should be formed scale, collectivize production enterprise, design, development, production, marketing and service all aspects such as dominant, eliminating low level, waste, pollution, heavy, especially the poor quality of small enterprises. To ensure that improve the quality of products. Increase the intensity of testing equipment research, development, all belt enterprises should conform to the specification requirements of perfect inspection methods. Cars with production enterprise configuration fatigue life testing machine and measuring machine. Raise the level of belt drive testing technology in China. Strengthening coordination and propaganda, prevent backward technology, poor use effect repeat the production and use of test equipment. Tags: three guinness triangle toothed triangle triangle agent
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