Synchronous belt wheel is to control the laser trajectory

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Now we have a lot of people know how to make the synchronous belt wheel is to use, and its use range is very wide, almost inside the industry can use it, it can force the conduction. Let me talk about synchronous belt wheel have any big change in the field of laser. Synchronous belt wheel is to control the laser trajectory. General laser at run time will be a sense of direction, and this position is mainly head for operational direction, it is to play the role, but in the process of using in the long run, would be a long, loose tension and such of the laser will have changed in terms of accuracy, possible deviation, this is the need to adjust to a synchronous belt wheel, let it keep in a dry, clean running state. And the synchronous belt wheel will need to be replaced after use new belts, attention should be paid to the change of the synchronous belt to match with synchronous belt wheel. This way can we better use synchronous belt wheel to our human in industrial areas such as greater help. This article by belt triangle original, reproduced please indicate the copyright: http://www. lilainuo。 com
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