Synchronous belt wheel manufacturer introduce cog belt and circular band

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Round belt is synchronous belt wheel manufacturer to tell you a kind of belt type, its application is more extensive. Circular band for section assumes the circular belt, it can free bending drive. This belt is made in pu more, there is usually no core body, the most simple structure, easy to use. Synchronous belt wheel manufacturer to tell you that opens a new route for the tape drive round belt, countries around the world in small machine tools, sewing machines, precision machinery and so on need to consumption growing rapidly, has a great potential in the future. Toothed belt. Toothed belt which is also called synchronous belt, divided into single and double sided teeth with two types. The former is mainly used for single shaft drive, the latter for shaft or reverse transmission, system since 1980 new world and a highly efficient transmission belt. Synchronous belt wheel manufacturer told everybody, toothed belt according to the shape of the tooth is divided into trapezoidal and two kinds of circular arc form, with circular arc tooth synchronous belt on the torque to the maximum. From the material, tooth belt can be divided into rubber and polyurethane type two kinds, the former and ordinary rubber ( Usually a neoprene) And special rubber ( Mostly saturated nitrile rubber) The points. The two synchronous belt are all in the belt and application of a relatively high status.
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