Synchronous belt wheel not only not maintain

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt wheel in the now production industry has very wide application. As part of the mechanical device necessary, the pulley is affecting the overall mechanical smooth running. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of belt wheel is indispensable. Or it will cause the belt wheel wear, cracking, ultimately affect the normal operation of the machinery. We for will you arrange below summarizes the pulley daily maintenance and storage of some points. Synchronous belt wheel should not half fold and sudden sharp bend, it will reduce the toughness of the conveyor belt. On belt wheel of don't use for storage and transportation process, try to avoid direct sunlight, the rain got wet. At the same time also should pay attention to don't contact with acid, organic solvents, or water vapour and affect the quality of the pulley. 3. Pulley generally should be stored under the normal temperature environment, usually to control the temperature between 20 to 50 degrees, not too high or too low, if there is a heat source body around the store environment, must be away from in one meter away, please be sure to ensure that direct contact is forbidden. Pulleys during storage to prevent too much when placed under the weight of its deformation caused, at the same time should not be synchronous belt wheel on the ground directly, but rather to place it in a clean flat to store shelves.
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