【 Synchronous belt wheel. The market development trend

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
【 Synchronous belt wheel. Market development trend in recent years, the knitting industry equipment high xiao to energy conservation and emissions reduction, save time and the direction of the short process. In 2012 China international textile machinery exhibition and exhibition ITMA Asia knitting equipment is abundant shows how this development trend. Move machine needle time can be adjusted on the worm shaft synchronous belt wheel phase Angle to stop, CAM and transverse sliding block with circulating oil spray cooling installation, have xiao improved the working conditions of horizontal moving mechanism, control of the temperature rise, is good for the stability of the weaving process and high speed weaving. It was rather slow knitting industry's overall economic development at present, but the warp knitting machine, seamless underwear machine, computer flat knitting machine, computer line circular knitting machine knitting equipment, such as potential in. Extend from equipment statistical analysis to product market share at present stage, the global is about 20%, the domestic underwear market is 10%. But as the seamless weaving process, equipment, production capacity, improve and consumer spending in the direction of transfer, especially in domestic is still mainly have sewn products, 3 ~ 5 years in the future, is expected to be 30% of the products on the market for seamless underwear products.
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