Synchronous belt wheel tooth profile Angle

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Belt wheel tooth profile Angle of tooth and tooth meshing and has a great influence on the transmission performance. When the tooth profile Angle through the hours, synchronous tooth groove shape similar to rectangle, toothed enters mesh, will produce greater interference, and easy to cause tooth face wear and local fracture. While such as tooth profile Angle is too big, make tooth for tooth method to the force of the working face in the radial component force is too large, the toothed slide outward along the tooth groove, are prone to climb and jump tooth phenomenon. According to the experiments, such as Japan hills rich husband when Φ = 20 ° - 30 °, the tooth and tooth interference quantity is small, with synchronous belt and tooth profile Angle approximation, zui as appropriate. Substitutes of gear tooth profile Angle of 20 ° - 25 °, general requirements tooth profile Angle deviation in the plus or minus 1. Within 5 °. This article by imported polyurethane synchronous belt, synchronous belt, please mark the copyright: http://www. lilainuo。 com
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