【 Synchronous belt wheel. Transmission ability! ! !

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
【 Synchronous belt wheel. Transmission ability! ! ! Synchronous belt wheel on its transmission stability, high reliability, layout is simple, easy fabrication and low noise advantages over straight in new product machine drive, don't stop to replace chain transmission and gear transmission, become a new driving situation of textile machinery. According to the characteristics of synchronous belt transmission and use requirements, some people on both sides of the synchronous belt wheel need rivet machine, to limit the synchronous belt around in the process of moving. Synchronous belt wheel ring the riveting process of constant exploration and transformation, in does not increase any special setting equipment deployment environment, application of spinning technology and skills, on the ordinary horizontal lathe using spinning things on a ring spinning riveting, riveting quality and strength are above the plan requirements.
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