【 Synchronous belt. With advantages of 'stand out'

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
In the early 1990 s, the concept of synchronous belt has been gradually formed. On the design, at the time, as well as the technical conditions are short of double-sided tooth development condition, but there have been some special industry customers put forward the idea of using synchronous belt. At that time, the synchronous belt, but there is still no way to collect relevant technical information and data. Synchronous belt with its light structure, no slip meshing transmission, the advantages of low noise machinery, textile, petrochemical industry, communication cable in areas such as widely recognized and applied. The present invention combines both the advantages of gear, chain and belt drive, and overcomes the defects such as other drive belt may skid, stretching, formed a unique form of transmission, by the constant speed ratio, large transmission ratio, compact structure, agricultural multi-axle transmission, oil resistant, moisture, no lubrication, and many other advantages widely welcomed. The research and development of the double-sided tooth synchronous belt, the belt transmission, in the opposite direction, compact installation location requires special industries, or in requiring higher transmission industries, such as main drive, vice driving linkage, shows its superiority. Winding performance is very good, very high tensile strength, accurate mesh, etc. And made a good impression to consumers. In China, many company introduced a large number of foreign advanced equipment, in these advanced mechanical equipment, heavy use of all kinds of synchronous belt, this is the great opportunities brought to synchronous belt. Especially in some special equipment, synchronous belt but also shows its superiority.
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