'Synchronous belt' without lubrication, no pollution

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt wheel product is made of metal or plastic material processing, processing technology with gear hobbing, gear shaper, cast iron processing, low efficiency of gear hobbing machining synchronous belt wheel zui, second gear shaper, and cast iron. Synchronous belt transmission is from the inner surface with the spacing of the closed loop tape ( Tape material are: rubber and PU/PU) And the corresponding pulley. Driving to work when the tooth synchronous belt and pulley tooth meshing transfer movement and power, thus has various advantages of gear, chain and belt drive. With accurate synchronous belt transmission gear ratio, no slip, constant speed ratio can be obtained, smooth transmission, shock absorption, low noise, large range of transmission ratio, generally can reach 1:10, allow the linear velocity can reach 40 m/s, high transmission efficiency, generally can reach 98% 99%. Transfer of power from a few to several hundred thousand watts. Multi-axle transmission, compact structure and apply tension is small, without lubrication, no pollution, thus there is no pollution and can work in normal work environment is relatively bad situation.
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