The evolution of the synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Belt is the prime mover motor or engine rotation generated power through the synchronous belt wheel from the tape transfer to mechanical equipment, so they are called is power. Its key connection parts for mechanical and electrical equipment, its class is also very many, useful also very broad. From big to thousands of kilowatts giant motor, small to less than 1 kw of micro motor, and also contains such as household appliances, computers and robots in high precision machinery are out of the belt. Its the biggest advantage is able to free variable speed, transmission distance, simple structure, easy updates to replace. So from the original machinery development to contemporary exist with the shadow of the moving belt, automatic equipment products through countless times improvement after the change, its technology is also increasingly mature. Power transmission gear, chain and coupling way, such as more than like. But in the economy and the cost of Angle to think, so far, it is still but elastomer tape, so the world exist today many of the transmission form mostly is given priority to with tape drive, and it's development continues to expand. Synchronous belt in the beginning is made of leather, and the middle of the 19th century when replaced by rubber. In the 1960 s, gradually from NR and SBR into CR and PUR. Into the 80 s, and its further development to apply CSM and HNBR. Tape the shape of the same with the original on the plate type improve to circular, Angle and the tooth type, using the single drive to group in parallel, and resulting to the current belt series group.
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