The installation and the maintenance of triangle

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Triangle installation: before installation, if the layout of the two axial spacing is adjustable, shorten the distance between first and good adhesive tape and then adjust the spacing as needed; If the spacing is not adjusted in two axis, is a triangle can be set into the first round of slot, and then change another pulley, the triangle mount, using the same method will be fitted with a set of triangle. Device to stop use something hard to pry, hard to drag on triangle, in case of triangle elongation too loose or too tight. Avoid channeling device pulley, the two pulley on the middle of the necessary alignment, or it will form a triangle unilateral operation, serious wear and tear, and use full down triangle. Elastic for triangle firmness often view the adjustment is necessary, make it conform to the requirements. Triangle is not only simple skid too loose, also add triangle wear, and even cannot transfer the power; Stretched too tight, not only can make the triangle deformation and damage of simple, together will form a main bearing clutch bearing because of the force is too large, and speed up the triangle wear. Device view right view way is: by hand in the middle of each tape, 2 kg straight pressure, subsidence is ( 20 - - 30) Millimeter advisable, not in season to adjust in a timely manner. Old mo mixed double root, or more than three root triangle needs to replace, want to choose the triangle rule types, each group of triangle joint tightness and demand, eliminate the number of old and new, mixed or cut, otherwise, the old and new triangle uneven, and even the old v-belts, influence and power transfer to shorten the triangle triangle maintenance: triangle, loading and unloading. Device, first to see the active, passive and tension wheel on a plane. Generally speaking, the two triangle wheel in the spacing of less than 1 m promised error for 2 ~ 3 mm, the spacing is greater than 1 m when promised to error of 3 ~ 4 mm. If the error is too big, should be adjusted to meet the requirements after device and tensioning. Loading and unloading shall, first of all, when will you release tension wheel, one end or the CVT roulette unloaded first, will take on or off. When new triangle is too tight to load and unload, should remove a triangle wheel, on or off triangle to the triangle round again in the future, not hard. Usually transmitte V belt should be discharged after wheeled loading and unloading. Triangle tension. Belt tensioning degree is to rely on to adjust the tension wheel, triangle too tight will make triangle wear serious, too loose is prone to sliding surface, make the triangle serious wear and even burn out. Usually two wheel track 1 meter or so, press with finger central triangle, straight cut 10 ~ 20 mm. Use check the triangle in the degree of tension, adjust at any time. Replacement of triangle. After triangle effect should be timely replacement, if more root triangle formed is applied, if one or some real results, along with several other root should be replaced, not the old and new belt use together. The removal of the triangle. Triangle with butter, oil and other oil dirties easily occurs after sliding, and accelerate the damage of triangle, immediately with gasoline to remove, can be removal agent to remove such as caustic soda, not working with oil. Working temperature of triangle.
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