The main points and benefits of the pattern conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-06
1. The surface temperature of the entire pattern conveyor belt must be continuously, uninterruptedly measured, recorded and monitored, and unnecessary temperature rise must be avoided; 2. Force cooling of materials and tape (preferably water cooling over the entire length); 3. Keep the conveyed materials evenly distributed according to the bandwidth, but not too concentrated; 4. Once the belt with hot materials stops, measures should be taken to unload the hot materials. Correct selection of the patterned conveyor belt can improve the transmission efficiency. In order to make the most of its value, a device must first choose the correct type of device. Among the many types of conveyor belts, there are steel cord conveyor belts, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, heat resistant conveyor belts and acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts. It is necessary to understand the characteristics of the corresponding conveyor belt before use. The service life of the pattern conveyor belt can be extended. This principle is very simple. If you use ordinary conveyor belts to transport high-temperature materials, use ordinary conveyor belts to transport acidic or alkaline materials.
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