The performance of polyurethane synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , specializing in polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, Uliflex industrial belt company production of polyurethane synchronous belt made of thermoplastic polyurethane materials, has a high ability to wear, all kinds of steel wire core to ensure it remains a good sport in the transmission capacity, production of small tolerance. Open the PU synchronous belt transmission and dimensional stability. Uliflex industrial belt company in the process of production of polyurethane synchronous belt on the tooth surface and tooth domain back to add a layer of nylon to ensure polyurethane synchronous belt in special applications run particularity, Uliflex industrial belt company can also be a layer of pu in order to prevent the belt on the back of the belt thickening of corrosion or high load. Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturers, Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt has the following properties: 1, mechanical properties, dimension stability, strong low 2, low noise, high wear resistance, no need to maintain 4, good elasticity 5, line speed of up to 80 meters per second (2) chemical properties 1, prevent aging, waterproof, prevent UVA, ozone 2, working temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃ can withstand the highest + 110 ℃ 3 short time, high oil, oil ester 4, learned to sustain most acid, alkali corrosion polyurethane synchronous with so many excellent properties of feel very move? To learn more about polyurethane synchronous belt? Pick up your phone, dial Uliflex industrial belt free hotline: 400 - 877 - 9231 for more information about polyurethane synchronous belt! ! ! ! Guangzhou Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, your 'close' partner!
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