The production technology of synchronous belt wheel, steel and informatization trend of a brief description

by:Uliflex     2020-11-26
Production technology of synchronous belt wheel: synchronous belt wheel production technology for the development of the vast extent, show by the level of accuracy and to promote the efficiency of manufacturing. Starting in the 70 s, the production of all kinds of synchronous belt wheel precision almost all raised the level of about the same, some are 2 - Level 3, the precision of ordinary low speed synchronous belt wheel son before eight Up to 7-9 level A magnitude 8. Machine tool with synchronous belt wheel from 6 - 8 level increased to 4 - Level 6; With synchronous belt wheel from 7 - rolling mill Up to 5-8 level Level 6. Synchronous belt wheel steel: the developmental tendency of synchronous belt wheel steel; 1 contains Cr, Ni and Mo low alloy steel; 2 for boron steel; 3 for the carbonitriding steel; 4 for easy cutting steel. Because of lack of Ni and Cr, often use 20 crmnti carburizing steel or containing boron and rare earths used steel. Heavy machinery often use 18 crmnnimo carburizing steel or carbon alloy steel. Machine tool field using 40 cr, 38 crmoal, such as steel and high speed synchronous belt wheel using 25 cr2mov steel nitriding. Informatization trend: people can use computer for all kinds of possible design calculation, analysis and comparison, and prioritized, obtain a relatively ideal results, such as: on the analysis of the tooth surface touch area, meshing line and the corresponding velocity, Angle of elastohydrodynamic lubrication and geometric parameter calculation program is compiled. In addition, in the modification of synchronous belt wheel and synchronous belt wheel on the bearing capacity calculation program. Have already compiled in GB3480 - 83 involute cylindrical synchronous belt wheel bearing capacity calculation of standard application software, used for manufacturing. On the synchronous belt wheel manufacturing, can use computer to control the whole process of a gear cutting, makes production quality stable reliable, nowadays, in the research using the microcomputer to arc tooth taper synchronous belt wheel teeth adjustment card implements the measure, can quickly adjust to processing deviation, make tooth surface touch to a relatively ideal position, and improve the working efficiency to a great extent.
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