The synchronous belt wheel editrice appear crack, damage and wear

by:Uliflex     2020-11-26
Synchronous belt wheel is very extensive application in the human production activities, as an important application machinery parts and components, so in the production and installation must be taken seriously, carefully to do careful again carefully. Even so, the synchronous belt wheel will new fracture, damage and wear, and so on and so forth. Why in such a wary of these cases are still happening? In this paper, the synchronous belt broken or damaged, and analyzes the causes of severe wear, and solutions are put forward. Let everybody can prevent the above problems, or when things go wrong remedy in a timely manner. A, synchronous belt wheel of rupture or damage to the status analysis of synchronous belt wheel rupture or damage to the situation, on the one hand is acquired when purchasing inferior synchronous belt wheel, on the other hand is the emergence of the pulley is not correctly installed, or the careless when drive foreign goods into the drive, or transmission speed, more than the maximum load of the synchronous belt. 2, deal with synchronous belt wheel broken or damaged solutions in the process of installation, installation of conveyor belt of avoid by all means do not use a screwdriver and pry pry, hard and don't in case more than the recommended torque value, for axle sleeve screw operation; At the periphery of a transmission device install proper protective barrier, avoid the material fall into one; The shipment must ensure that the pulley speed is lower than the maximum recommended value. Three, synchronous belt wheel of the trough and the condition of severe wear of synchronous belt wheel is in operation by meshing, and trough and as a result of the transmission belt tension is excessive, the toothed belt and gear is too tight, the combination of cause excessive friction; And because there are grains of sand, debris or other pollution reasons, made in meshing tooth belt and gear abrasion is more serious. Four, respond to the solution of severe wear of synchronous belt wheel in order to reduce the wear degree of synchronous belt wheel, by a new alignment of toothed belt and gear, and inspection on transmission device, and the market for its cleaning and maintenance, can effectively reduce the serious wear and tear of the synchronous belt wheel.
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