Timing Belt

ULIFLEX TIMING BELT including polyurethane endless timing belt, polyurethane open ended timing belt, rubber tming belt, polyurethane timing belt power sleeve(pu moulded timing belt), special&fabricated belt, automotive timing belt.
The polyurethane endless timing belt is made of continuous tensile steel cords or Kelvar cords  with excellent polyurethane material. Good material with well designed body for increased capacity and performance ,used in the mechanical transmission of ceramic , glass , textile ,food , automobile ,tobacco and so on. All of the polyurethane open ended timing belt are constructed using the highest quality thermoset polyurethane and incorporate durable strength members to help optimize performance. Additionally, we have the ability to customize our open ended timing belts to fit your exact specifications. polyurethane timing belt power sleeve(pu moulded timing belt)which are cast in special molds, are made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane and high-strength steel cords or kevlar cords.high pitch accuracy along the entire length of the belt is realized. They are particularly well suited for smooth running and high speeds. By combining high-quality materials and this modern production method, the resulting timing belts exhibit supreme mechanical, chemical and physical properties. For the special&fabricated belt, we can provide the service of notching , grinding and perforating etc according to the require from customers,and can be engineered with holes and grooves. Also different types of cleats can be welded on the back of belts,and elastic materials can be backed on the belts such as rubber ,pu , patterns ,sponge , foam and nylon etc. Uliflex automotive timing belt--there is V-shape guiding bar in the middle of belt. Because of the precise fitting between the timing belts and belt grooves,the timing belt could run more smoothly .

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