Transmission planning of double-sided tooth synchronous

by:Uliflex     2020-05-29
Transmission planning process of double-sided toothed synchronous belt wheel: 1) Simplified planning: according to the transmission power, input speed, transmission ratio and other conditions of the gear drive, determine the primary parameters such as the middle distance and the modulus. If the pitch and modulus are known, this step can be skipped. 2) Several planning calculations: plan and calculate the basic parameters of the gear, and perform several calculations on the scale. 3) Strength check: After the basic parameters are determined, perform accurate check of the tooth surface touch strength and tooth root zigzag strength. 4) If the check does not meet the strength requirements, you can come back Synchronous wheel double-sided tooth timing belt planning process 1) The synchronous pulley is divided into single synchronous pulley and double synchronous pulley. 2) The strength of the touch line of the single timing pulley is higher than that of the involute gear under equal conditions, but the strength of the meander is lower than that of the involute. 3) The soft tooth surface or medium hard tooth surface is the first choice for the synchronous belt wheel. The short tooth is usually used when the hard tooth surface is selected.
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