【 Triangle. How to solve the grooved jump out

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
In the working process of the circular vibrating screen, triangle always jump out of the grooved, don't know how to solve. I believe that there are a lot of vibrating screen user also encountered similar problems in the process of operation. For triangle manufacturer to answer your questions. Circular vibrating screen driven by y series motor v-belts, adopts eccentric block structure, but the triangle after running out of the grooved. There are several reasons why this may: 1, if your product is such a structure, namely motor, pulley and transmission device placed in an external motor seat, no vibration, but through a flexible coupling connected to the vibrator on the sieving machine, triangle should be like what you said in this state out of the grooved. Once appear, may be due to the quality of several triangle, runtime tension caused by different. The installation of the motor and gear position or may not be parallel. 2, alternatively, if the screening machine is the structure of the motor through the pulley is directly connected to the vibrator, then the vibration of the screening machine is bound to make a certain degree of vibration of the belt pulley and the other end of the motor is fixed on the motor frame. Therefore, in the process of operation, the tension of triangle change, lead to jump out of triangle belt slots.
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