【 Triangle. Small cost, high return! !

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
【 Triangle. Small cost, high return! ! Triangle is the prime mover of the produced by the rotation of motor or engine power, through the pulley by the belt transmission to the machinery and equipment, so it is also called the power band. Used for transmission of mechanical power tape, including flat transmission belt and triangle tape ( 'V' belt) 。 Made of rubber and reinforced material. In multilayer hanging plastic canvas, synthetic fabrics, cord and steel wire tensile layer, combined with rubber after forming, sulfide and made. Compared with the gear transmission, chain drive, belt transmission has a simple structure, low noise and low equipment cost advantages, widely used in all kinds of mechanical power transmission. The endless belt drive on the machine, set on the two pulley, multi-purpose cowhide or line core rubber, known as the belt.
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