Uliflex characteristics and applications of industrial belt flat belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Flat belt is one of the king pin product Uliflex industrial belt, Uliflex industrial belt sales flat belt with nylon and the base. Intercalation of high strength polyamide fabric, with high strength, small elongation, good song flexible, smooth transmission, buffer shock absorption, high friction coefficient and good wear resistant oil resistance, antistatic, big transmission efficiency, etc. Uliflex industrial belt production sales flat belt Uliflex proprietary brand TYBELT, British AITOM brand is given priority to, mainly used in metal processing machinery transmission, loom, airflow spinning machine, drawing machine, roving machine, carding machine, cotton cleaning machine, coiling machine, printing and dyeing, drying machine, electronic computer accessory machinery, woodworking machinery, such as light load transmission, fans, pumps, combing machine, carding machine, twisting machine, winding drawing frame, papermaking machinery, woodworking machinery, textile, feeder, cotton cleaning machine, rewinding machine, bag making machine, generator set, dust blower, refrigerator, transmission, etc. Uliflex company with 'attentively complete each industrial zone' for the purpose of the production, in order to 'do everything for the customer' for the purpose of the service, product quality and service to combine, choose Uliflex high-quality industrial belt, you will get a Uliflex industrial belts 24 hours technical support services, your trust and support is Uliflex constant motivation, free hotline: 400 - 877 - 9231
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