What are SMEs for timing belt factory ?
In China, it is very easy for you to find a small and medium-sized enterprise offering timing belt factory , but it takes some time to look for a professional manufacturer. Foshan Uliflex Transmission Technology Co., Ltd is one option. This company has been centering on providing one-stop shopping experience including manufacturing exquisite product and serving customers with the best profession for years. As a professional enterprise, it aims to become one of the most influential manufacturers globally.

Uliflex Transmission has integrated design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales in customized timing belt. At present, the company enjoys a stable market share in domestic, and it will gradually expand its position and influence in the international markets. Uliflex Transmission's timing belt series include multiple types. Manufactured with integrated encapsulation technology, it works perfectly in resistance to water and moisture, which ensures its stable performance and long service life. Its length and width are highly customizable. With good word-of-mouth, the product will be more widely used in the future. It is available in the high torque, low noise STS profile, the widely used HT curvilinear profile and the traditional Trapezoidal profile.

We give our clients a better understanding and confidence in their rubber timing belt related projects. Contact us!
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