What are the classification of the common synchronous belt?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-26
Synchronous belt is widely used in various industries, for different industries to meet the demand of the different transmission, synchronous belt goes with different models. In order to we can know more about synchronous belt, small make up all of its specific classification to briefly introduce all kinds of synchronous belt. A, the classification of common classification of synchronous belt synchronous belt can be divided according to its toothed, common can be divided into trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt and arc tooth synchronous belt two kinds big. With arc tooth synchronous belt and can be specific segmentation: depending on the tooth curve is divided into arc-gear synchronous belt, flat arc-gear synchronous belt and concave head arc tooth synchronous belt three series. Usually in H series, S series and R series of classification. Second, the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt mainly have single and double sided toothed two kinds, respectively is often called a single-sided and double-sided tape. Of double again according to the arrangement of its teeth into the DA the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt and DB trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt. Other trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt usually cures from two kinds of modulus and its size, and is using the pitch system in our country, and made the related standards of synchronous belt transmission. Three, the structure of arc tooth synchronous belt arc tooth synchronous and trapezoidal synchronous belt basic same, but its tooth shape is curved. The synchronous belt in the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt of the belt pitch, but high tooth and tooth root thickness and fillet radius than trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt. Because arc tooth synchronous belt of the belt tooth after loading, the stress distribution in homogeneous, disperse the tooth root stress concentration, improves the bearing capacity of the tooth. So the arc tooth synchronous belt than trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt transmission power is big, and can prevent the meshing tooth in the process of mutual interference. The other arc tooth synchronous belt has good wear resistance, and low noise at work, without lubrication, even in all kinds of bad environment can be normal operations.
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