Why does the high temperature resistant conveyor

by:Uliflex     2020-05-30
1. The belt tears caused by impurities in the high-temperature resistant conveyor belt. The impurities in the transported materials are mainly due to the poor coal quality of the coal port. The bulk coal and various impurities in the raw coal, such as iron and wooden rods, cause about 70-80% of the tears, thus ensuring the source coal Quality is the key to tear resistance. 2. Belt tear caused by improper installation of belt conveyor auxiliary equipment. There are many auxiliary equipments for the belt conveyor. The falling of the lining board, the sharp iron absorbed by the iron remover, and the improper installation of the sweeper may cause tearing and scraping of the conveyor belt. The ordinary conveyor belt has no lateral protection structure and cannot prevent tearing. 3. The belt conveyor is torn due to imperfect structure. Due to the imperfect structure of the belt conveyor, the falling point of the conveyor belt is large, the relative velocity of the impurities in the coal flow is large, the impact force is large, and the sharp and hard extra-long impurities are easily inserted into the conveyor belt at the falling point, causing The conveyor belt is torn. 4. The conveyor belt is torn due to blocking. The transfer chute is small, which is easy to hinder the passage of materials and impurities and cause the conveyor belt to tear. 5. The deviation of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt caused torn edges. 6. Coiled coal on the return trip. In addition, the aging of the edge glue of the high-temperature resistant conveyor belt causes the core layer of the conveyor belt to enter the water, causing the corrosion of the steel rope to be drawn out, and it can also cause tearing.
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