Your 'close' partner - Guangzhou Uliflex professional PU synchronous belt manufacturers

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Guangzhou Uliflex is professional PU synchronous belt manufacturers, professional all kinds of polyurethane synchronous belt, the following are some introduction about Uliflex synchronous belt, PU PU opening synchronous belt, transmission reliable and dimensional stability. With is mainly used for straight line round trip transportation and transfer power. Polyurethane begin belt width is 100 mm, usually Uliflex support special customized, customized of up to 300 mm, each volume up to 200 m. Ring type polyurethane synchronous belt is produced by special moulding process. Ring type polyurethane synchronous belt with small tolerance, anti-corrosion, high load, etc, can guarantee the stability of synchronous belt in running. Jointless polyurethane synchronous belt is suitable for the high strength and high speed drive system. PU PU synchronous belt clip wire tubing length can according to customer's specific requirements of various welding and become, connection strength can reach 80%. UliflexPU synchronous belt manufacturer in guangzhou, 15 years focused on the industrial belt of research, development, production and sales, is your trusted polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, if you want to know more about Uliflex first, search: guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , you will achieve more information about Uliflex, welcome to come to consult! Reliable quality, complete specifications Uliflex industrial belt free hotline: 400 - 877 - 9231 Uliflex industrial belt sales/factory address: guangzhou panyu district big stone street: 47 industrial zone
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