Analysis and Detection of Specific Causes of Overheating

by:Uliflex     2020-06-06
Motor overheating is a common problem in high-temperature synchronous pulleys during work. Specific analysis and detection are as follows: 1. The scope of use (flow, head) exceeds the design requirements of the synchronous pulley? Select the suitable motor for high temperature synchronous belt according to the series spectrum 2. The specific gravity of the medium exceeds the configuration of the synchronous belt pulley motor? Equipped with suitable Dajiang synchronous belt wheel motor 3. Is the packing gland pressed too tight or the mechanical seal spring adjusted too tight? Re-adjust the spring compression of the gland or mechanical seal 4. The pump assembly quality is poor, there is friction or the motor is not concentric with the pump shaft? Check the assembly quality of high-temperature timing belt to eliminate assembly failure? You can analyze the above conditions one by one to find out the true cause of the motor overheating, and then repair it according to the corresponding fault.
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